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Like a dream valley in the paintings, Grand Harvest is in between sea with white sands and green mountain with the most beautiful crater in Indonesia.

both for your business and leisure adventure

Whether you’re looking for a strategic business point-break or travel destination steeped in between nature - heritage, idyllic resort for your "me time", Grand Harvest Resort can offer you a world of diverse destinations. From the exquisite beaches of Red Islands, White Sands Beach and even the hidden waterfall of Jagir, to the lively sulphuric crater of Ijen, your adventure are limitless.

Grand Harvest resort give you access to exceptional strategic business and industry points. From culinary adventure to visiting prime nature travel destinations, Grand Harvest is your excellent choice.

Our resort have the values: prime locations in the best parts of Banyuwangi, sophisticated five star service and unique rooms with attention to detail…for a unique experience.

Enjoying a stay in Grand Harvest means the promise of a timeless, unforgettable journey through Banyuwangi.


Green vegetation sceneries and white sands will tempt you to just sit back and get comfy in the sands to enjoy all the views. Feel the sea wind as it cools you after a full day of activities, and watch how the sun kisses the horison so romantically.


The warm waters brought from the coast tides will make you forget all the stresses from your daily activities. Jump into the water and enjoy the view from the bottom - you'll feel refreshed.


The mountains of Ijen is an easy fun hike for nature lovers as it will bring an experience of escaping to the nature and fully enjoy the cool and clean air. Get to the top of Ijen crater and you'll get an amazing priceless view.


We are in between all the burstling road of the industrial city of Banyuwangi, and have all the access to nearby attraction. With comfy accommodation that will put you in your best condition, Grand Harvest Resort is the best choice that you’ll ever made.

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