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Banyuwangi was taken from 2 words in Indonesia, that is "Banyu" that means "Water" and "Wangi" that means "Fragrance".

Banyuwangi Regency is a region on the eastern tip of Java, Indonesia, just west of Bali over the Bali Strait. It has diverse nature areas with protected jungle and marine life.

The beauty of nature is spread across Banyuwangi from the west to the east. Mountains, forests and beaches mark the landscape of the regency. For instance, Ijen Crater, in the western part of Banyuwangi is famous for its beautiful crater lake, the traditional sulfur miners who amazingly climb up and down the slope of Mount Merapi, and the plantations that cover the Crater’s slope. The National Park of Meru Betiri is famous for its Java Tiger and turtles. These locations form the center of the Tourism Developed area which is called the Diamond Triangle, which connects one Tourism Object to another.

Enjoying the beach of Red Island


The locals call it "Pantai Pulau Merah" that has the meaning of Red island beach. Enjoy blending with the locals at this windy - wavey beach and watch as the sun goes down, you'll see a beautiful postcard worthy panorama of the horison.

Swimming and Snorkling at Green Bay


Its' water is so green and clear. It just tempts all the visitors to just jump in to the water and swim. The low tides and breezy wind are just so perfect to give you all the reason to enjoy your day in the water.

Jagir Twin Waterfall


Feel the surround sounds of water splashing when you get in between the twin waterfall of Jagir. It's a nature's hidden jewel. The journey to the waterfall is so exciting, greens of the tropical jungle decorated the paths! It will surely entertain all nature lovers.

Ijen Crater


Ijen crater is one of the most beautiful crater in the world. The sulphuric crater is so unique and the beauty of it just draws tourist from various country. Enjoy the nature as you hike along the mountain and as you reach the top, you'll feel rewarded with the views and experiences.

Swimming at the fresh water pool (4 main swimming pools)


Drink and swim in the fresh water pool!

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